David’s commitment to his clients, high level of expertise and motivational skills are exceptional. This combined with his impeccable customer service, extensive knowledge, business and organisational skills make David unequivocally a massive asset to the education, health and fitness industry.

Jonathan Goodair
Personal Trainer for Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett , Stella McCartney and many more.


DS by David Samuyiwa have done an excellent job in the fall of 2011 with ÖIS football A team. He has a very professionally and accurately performed, both physical and mental exercises which led to ÖIS results on the football quickly improved after that David worked with the team. I can warmly recommend others to use David’s knowledge and his passion and desire to make a difference is something that really does just the difference of teams and athletes such as ÖIS!

David Leinar
Team Captain ÖIS Fotball Team


Apart from David’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and commitment to transforming your body with his diverse creative training methods, he is easy going, wonderfully friendly, interesting and interested person. I think he is just fab

Beverly Williams
One of the world’s most famous and successful interior designer. Has among other things worked on projects for the Royal families and various celebrities.


David has worked with me as a personal trainer for over two years. I have always found him to be extremely professional and attentive. He is also a very personable and gregarious man who obviously has good relationships with many of his other clients and business partners. I would personally recommend him to you as a conscientious and serious professional.

David Morgan-Hewitt
Managing Director at The Goring; One of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family’s favorite Hotel.


The training with David gives positive effects in body and soul!

Jenny Berggren
Former Lead Singer in Ace of Base, Solo Artist and Writer


”David is a very good teacher, i always have a hard time too learn things in school.
David make it interesting too listen and i wanted too learn more and I could keep up the concentration the all day long, the lessons always felt alive all the time.
I can highly recommend David as a teacher.”

Cheers Cassandra


”David is a real pro and he is perfect for the role of coach. After my training, he contacted me and asked me how it went, it’s something I really put value in. Even today, with my clients, I hear his words back in my head. A true inspiration”

Peter Malmros


Hi !
Well I don’t know if the English language have enough good words… When you stood in front of the class I felt we were unstoppable and could jump over houses. You were giving us hope and motivation and made us belive in the future. I wish we could have you as a teacher every day of our education.
I have had some problems finding job at gym because I smoke so I decided to move to Denmark. I probably will in August. But a month ago I got a mail from the new boss at Actic Veberöd and now I have a job as personal trainer. And instructor. I still have my old job in the big chicken farm. And I haven’t had much time to work anywhere because I am a civil danish police in The Bridge 4 that is recorded right now in Malmö. Next week too and after that things will go back to normal (?).
I have to spend some time at the university in lund too. Danish education.
About the job at Actic…the boss is a really nice woman but I don’t understand a word she sais. And yes she speaks Swedish…. I do understand the vocabulary the speak in swedish and danish at the shooting scene for The Bridge 4 but I have a hard time understanding the vocabulary my gym boss uses. And she tries to teach me how the comutersystem works by showing me…and she talks fast and I cant see and learn
. I have do and learn. I will give it a chance but I do look for work and a place to live in Denmark. Copenhagen would be great but there are alternatives.
Oh this was more about me than about you but I just felt to give you an update.
Just ask if you want to know more and tell me if there is anything I can do for you.
You are the best ! You rock ! You are The Man !
Love and hugs

Susanne Leander


I reference that David Samuyiwa is a professional PT teacher. I have learned how to master my training in every area such as being able to control my focus, increase my motivation in the area of sport and life. Thus, I would like to transfor this experience that I have gained from my PT and being able to teach it to others.

As a student I have learned that being positive effects our life and nothing is impossible if we really put work on it.

I am a positive person that always try to surround myself with good people, so by being able to be a good PT you have to be a very positive and open minded person. For example when I first met David as a PT teacher I saw him as my motivation teacher.

I was always looking forward to find a person to motivate me in life, and show me the complexity/ challenging steps ways of living.

When the days passed, I learned more and more about how to bring a positive change in humans life, and help them to grow with a positive attitude. Now I am a strong believer and nothing is impossible for me, because I have a positive mind that I can achieve anything with it.

At the end I would like to thanks David as his student that teached me the right ways of living and I am glad that I can transfer this positivevity as a PT further to others.

Best of regards,

Khalid Rasouli


My name is Björn and I was a Student att David Samuyiwa. Im writing this reference letter because I not only see David as my teacher but as a mentor as well. During our time together, David make sure that I got all the information needed to understand the ”matrix”, if you will, knowing the importance of stance knowledge, know how and above all, knowing how to apply that knowledge. David is a well rounded person but he is also humble. He is hustler in the sense that he´s focus and do what it takes to complete his gols, to go farther. I honestly have to say that in all my years I have come in contact with many people, different cultures, different histories, a great gap between ages and among them I meet David who is for me the one of few that has that broader view of the world, the dynamic to see between the lines and beyond boxes. He is definitely a great teacher. I definitely stepped up my game, me knowledge bank, if you will, I recommend him for sure.


Best regards,
Björn K. C. Johansson


With David as my course teacher I felt very secure that I was going to pass, he has a way of teaching that really engages peoples in a very productive way. 10 out of 10!

Pontus Sundberg
Certified Personal Trainer at Nordic Wellness, Järntorget



I think You Are a very good teacher! You speak Well and You got us all to listen to You. You Are very inspiring to, You told us the hard truth about this buisness, but still managed to make me even more motivated after hearing it. You made us all feel like we could do this, even if it will be hard from time to time. I remember i had alot of questions where i questioned you but your answear always made me shut up, and that is not usuall 😉 You also told us alot about your own life, wich made us Believe even more in what you said and gained our respect!

Hope this helped! 🙂



While i was on my PT class i felt some strange feeling, some positive energy and after that David Samuyiwa walked in with his friend. He was just observing us and the teacher who was speaking. i was impressed how can someone release that amount of energy! later he started leading the class. He was speaking about marketing and about attributes that PT must have. Before that i thought that i know a lot about PT but he opened my eyes! He motivated me for every aspect of my life with his speech. His lesson didn’t just teach me how to be a good PT, i learned how to be a better person and form my attitude. I learned what is my biggest strength and how to use it. Now i am living the way he taught me, i can feel the difference and improvement of my mental strength.
Every human being should have some person like David as a friend, and for the PTs he should be definitely the best choice for mentoring! Thanks David Samuyiwa!



David was my teacher for a personal training course in 2016, Not only was he one of the best teachers I have encountered but I also felt that we finished the course as friends.
As a short example, I ruptured my Achilles tendon during said course and my head had dropped somewhat. David was the first person to call me while I was at the hospital, he stayed on the phone with me for some time and managed to not only cheer me up but to make me look to the future with a smile. David constantly checked in on me during a rough time and was always available to talk. Something of which I am truly grateful.
David has shown many great qualities over the time I have known him, he is compassionate, good listener, kindness, sense of humour and his knowledge to name few. The list is endless.

Yours sincerely,

Kyle Copping


What can I tell about David? He’s a great teacher, motivator, speaker with big influence on people lifes. When he walks in the room you can feel some good, healthy energy and vibes combined with serenity and wisedom.
When you listen to him you feel like you can do anything if you only want it. It was my big pleasure to meet him here in Montenegro, to be his student. He tought me that everything is in the mind, and what you think you become. And today I’m a personal trainer thanks to him. He changed my life.



Few months ago I joined a course for personal trainer. From beginning everyone was saying that our teacher is great but I need to wait to see David. I myself was wondering why that David is so amazing(as everyone was talking), but when I met him I realised that they were right.
A man with charisma, positive attitude, someone who is confident, hard-working, and beyond all, a man who is willing to give all his knowledge to us-students.
That is a teacher whose lectures I would listen for hours. There are so many things about training,life and everything that people could learn from him. His lessons and examples were so inspiring and he is so supporting. I wish I had more teachers as him.



My name is Boban and I want to speak about my teacher, trainer, and my good friend David Samuyiwa.
David is proffessional in his work. He knows that the best way to transfer knowledge on their students.
Knows how to show students how to thrive in bussiness.
I learned a lot from him, and I am greatful to him for that.
Great teacher, choac, leader, visionary soldier and most importantly a good man.
All praise for my fitness guru.



I had David Samuyiva as teacher on my course to become a personal trainer. I lost a daughter a few years back and had a lifecricis for years. I had not been able to work and from time to time been hosptilised.
It felt like that it was my last chance to get my life back on track to complete the education and the last days before school began I was terrified.
On the way my first day I acctuly felt sick and nealrly didn`t go because of fear. I am so glad I did!!!!!
David made me feel safe and made know I could do what was needed from me. He was clear about that hard work was needed and that it woud not be easy. He made learning such a fun, challenging , evolving and educational experince.
He made everything easy to grasp and I felt safe knowing what I would have to do and know to complete my course.
If I would have had another teacher at the start of my education and journey I might and if the last year before would be an inducation I probably might have failed.
Without any reservations I gladly give David the biggest recomendation I possibly can.

Best regards Daniel Hansson


As a professor of sports and physical education I can say that I’m glad to have David as my mentor. At first I had no impression, but after a quick speak I knew that I have a chance to learn something that I need. A good athlete with patience and the ability to selflessly transmit knowledge. Overall, a good mentor, motivation speaker, deffinitly a rolemodel and a friend. Thanks Dave 🙂

Haris Jusufovic


For me having David as a teacher has been great. His knowlege and life experience is really inspiring, hours feels like minutes when you listen to him and it motivates you to do and be your best always.
If I need advice, it’s David I turn to cause I do trust his opinion.

/Desirée Nordström


I can say that there is not a word with which to describe the satisfaction that I felt as I listened to your presentation and also a great honor because I met you. You are a great professional and also someone who is their hard work and efforts done to fitness progress even more in the world! Your every word we absorbed, primarily because we know that you are a big name in the world of fitness, of course, deserve!
Professor’re phenomenal and so many useful things you advised us that we were now of great benefit, you are a great motivation for us..
You have uploaded us a lot of positive energy in the right way!
I hope we see you soon and that I again have the honor to attend some of your lectures. Education! Practice! Discipline! Always positive mind !!!
Many thanks David for everything, because you are really great man, an excellent teacher, a true friend! My huge honor was I’ve learned so many things in a short time from you!
Greetings to my good friend !!!



Hello my teacher.
I just want to write small text , about a big man.First, you are a good man David and best teacher.Before you, i didn’t see too much positive things, but you are proffesional and you open my eyes for everything good things.Good bles you.I learn from you many things, and for me you are the teacher no. 1 ! Thank you for everything my friend – teacher.See you soon!



Ronnie Lopes


Hey bro! Hope you are good!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for believing in me from the first day.

Thank you for giving me the book Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.

And introducing me to Anthony Robbins

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I really appreciate everything you have done even though sometimes I haven’t shown you how much I appreciate it!

The biggest change I have made in my life was when I first stept in to your DS class and you showed me the way to achieve my goals and that anything is possible if we just believe in our selfs and take massive action. And thanks to using those principles you teached me I realized a lot of my goals and are still doing and developing my self each day!

Thanks to that change I can now motivate and show other people the way to change their life’s and I have a totally changed way of seeing the world and different opportunities!

Thanks to you I am today a:

Business owner
Loving friend
And soon a good husband.

Thank you so much! It means the world to me! ???

Frederico Aronius


it was a very good experiment to have a personal training kors in the DS school. I new so many things new about the the training and the teknik on spite of my long experience in the training. I feel that I am really personal trainer after this kors. I become more confidence of my self and this kors make me more searchable at the right sources at training. the team which I was working with them was great and helpfully. I told my friends about the kors and I recommended them to get it , two of them are excited to get it when they got chance. I am really want to thank the leader team which give us a new consideration about the training. specially David, he give us a great information about the training and confidence and charismatic

 Mohammad Ghreeb


I had a good experience with you as a teacher, you were very engaged, inspiring and a good motivator.
You told us a straight forward attitude towards the job as a PT, which I really appreciated.
Also that you focused on the mental perspective and change of lifestyle instead of just the psychical and visual part.

With that said, I found that you are good with the II, Influence and impact, which had a really positive effect on me.

Have a great day!

Rasmus Lindell


Instructive, fun, interesting, challenging and very intense training. I recommend it to anyone who would like to work with health and training. Teachers inspire and teach in a way that makes it both fun and easy to understand. David has a long experience in this industry, and it really shows in the classroom. The things that are raised really feels relevant and instructive in many other ways than just the profession of PT. I got a job immediately after the course and have received extremely good feedback from the gym I work at and obviously satisfied clients.

Kajsa Phalen


Väldigt grundlig och omfattande i framförandet. Pedagogiskt förklarande, lätt att förstå dig. Du är ödmjuk vilket ger förtroende hos dina elever. Ingen aspekt av branchen har gått missad. Tack för möjligheterna du visat att vi kan nå.

Rickard Junior Andersson


I think the three day I spend in DS school was great, I get a new experience and new information.
Hopefully thous info will be the key for me to start a new life.
Best regards



Jag vill ge dig feedback på de senaste dagarna!

Jag tycker att du är väldigt tydlig med det du vill förmedla, vilket är jättebra. Du krånglar inte till undervisningen utan är väldigt lättförståelig.

Du utstrålar mycket energi, kunskap och erfarenhet vilket jag ser upp till. Du brinner för det du gör och jag hoppas att jag kommer kunna jobba som pt länge genom att gå denna utbildning!

Med vänlig hälsning,



Thanks for teaching me about how the market works and expanding my view on it

Due to im working in private life as a instructor in martial arts, a lot of things about how you meet and greet people but also how to push others were logical but from davids side to. He taught me the way he see on it, so i did gather more information. Which I am grateful for!

It is always fun to hear trough others experience, the way he talked you really got the picture in front of you.

Humbled and a nice person and takes your time to answer your questions.
And the way he talks and act, can tell he knows his stuff.

Thanks and cheers mate

Now its up to me to try my own wings



Dessa tre dagarna, har du lärt mig vilka kunskaper jag behöver som en ledare inom PT rollen.
Hur jag ska va, när och vart.

Leon Mattia


De delar vi haft med dig har varit enormt givande! Jag har lärt mig massor om rollen och tänket kring arbetet som PT. Du är tydlig och konkret och ger mycket av dig själv och din kunskap och har tålamod med oss alla.

Tack för allt!

Åsa Edfast


I thought the course was well divided withing the time frame, alot of thing for new people to take in if they dont have previous knowledge but it was done i an pedagogical and inspiering way. First of all free interaction in the class gave oportunity to alot of intresting questions and share of knowledge. also i like to point out that it was very good connection you made to us as students and met óur individual needs. lastly but not the least it was a very good and very profound way to revisit and also learn new thing about training and fittnes. i look forward for future classes with you. truly inspired



Truly a great teacher. David is easy going and has a talent of making people feel comfortable. His approuch to teaching is not only effective but fun and encourages people to speak up. I am very happy with the course in it self as well as Davids teaching abilities. Thank you for a great time and all the great insides that you shared with all of us.

Muhamed Lapastica


My name is Julien Combes and I followed the curses leading by David in February 2018. With a natural simplicity he gave us all the knowledges and tools we need to become a successful PT. His speech was extremely clear and illustrated with highly relevant exemples ; we could feel all the experiences behind it. His self-determination was a big motivation and inspiration. I would recommend David for everyone who wants to know/learn what being a PT means in 2018.



Hej David. Tack så mycket för kursen! Den har varigt mycket lärorik och jag har fått upp ögonen för effektiv träning med korrekta rörelser/tempo på ett annat sätt både för mig själv och andra. Det har varigt intensivt ja, men med tanke på allt jag har lärt mig så är det bara positivt
. De ända jag kan säga är att du som lärare har varigt väldigt bra logisk och demonstrerar övningarna bra. Jag har aldrig varigt på någon sådan här utbildning så jag jämför enbart med andra studier/lärare. Tack igen så ses vi imån ???

Anna Kristensson


Jag tycker att du är duktig som ledare, instruktör, tränare och redovisare. Man ser att du är varm i kläderna
Du är väldigt öppen och ambitiös
Trygg i ditt sätt att förklara. Du visar och ger exempel på ett väldigt bra sätt så man förstår!

Men synd att kursen var så intensiv att man var tvungen att lära in flera olika ämnen/moment samtidigt.

Och att man givetvis inte fått möjlighet att kunna ta del av dina kunskaper som du bär på ??

Bouchra Itani


My name is Ana Lopusin,I am a fitness trainer of group workouts
aerobic,zumba,pilates.I have my own fitness club and I want to devolp my business to a higher level. You had a fitness seminar in Podgorica.Somthing like this for the first time in our contry and it was phenomenal.I’m glad to meet you and I want to praise you way of speaking,especially motivational speech. Marija, she invited me to this seminar and she praised you work.I’am grateful to her at the invitation.



Dear David, thank you for coming to Montenegro to teach this fitness seminar. It was a pleasure for me to learn so many great things and you gave us a really educative class. It was so interesting and I learned and expended my views a lot as a trainer. Hope you will organize it again. Best regards, Ivan



Hi David,

hope you have a great time in Montenegro.
I just want to thank you for amazing seminar, especially because you told a lof of personal development and achieving the goal and dream.
For us coaches that is really important and to constantly improve our knowledge.
My friends were very inspired by everything you told and already asking about next similar.



Dear David,
I haven’t got time to say thank you for visiting our country and giving this seminar to people like us who are interested in fitness. This seminar was very intresting for me and I have learnt so many things which I didn’t know before. Your story about success in the begining of the seminar inspired me to think about my future plans because I am young and can become very succesful in fitness as a PT or group fitness instructor. I hope you will come again in Podgorica since I would like to hear and learn more from you. Hope to see you soon!!



Dear Mr. Samuyiwa,
I’m so glad to be part of this course and having an opportunity to hear interesting facts about nutrition, training, coach and healthy lifestyle at all. This is very useful, so in my opinion, you should do it again in Montenegro. You motivated us and set our goals for the future.

Thanks for invitation and taking the time to teach us. We really appreciate that.



I would use this opportunity to thank You for organizing your personal training school in Montenegro. I attended your course and must admmit that it was on a very high professional level.
I have only positive words for all the effort You put in to teach us the most important things in working with future clients ,how to become the best version of ourselves in this job , how to program our future training and to learn us anatomy of human body which is very crucial. It was very powerful and educative course and very intense with 8 working hours a day.



I was at Seminar that my dear collegue Marija invited me and it was a real pleasure. It was more than amazing! Our trainers and gyms need more of these quality teachings so we could be better in our job and make a progress. You were very inspiring with your story and energy. I would like to thank you on that and for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope see you again.



I want to thank you for a seminar and your teaching in Montenegro. It was my pleasure to hear all the useful things from you.
I must say, you really inspired me and I heard some great things about how to be the best version of myself and how to become a powerful and great PT.
I start to create my path to become a great PT and have some great ideas how to make it and improve it.
Hope I’ll have a chance to hear you speaking again on some other modules. Looking forward to it.



Thank you for invitation for your class! It was very useful and interesting for trainers. I learned new things and I am thankful for that.
I think,you should visit Montenegro soon and organize something like this again.



First of all I want to tell you that I am very happy with all that I heart of you and that was all very useful.And thank you for all informations and for the wonderful education. All that thanks to Marija Cukovic.She invited me. I wish all the best I hope that we will meet again.



I was at the seminar and I wanted to thank you for the invitation. It was great.You told us many interesting and useful things. It would be nice if you could more often organize something similar. I hope you will come again soon.All the best.See you.



I attended your class in Podgorica , and I would really like if you came again , to talk about more things. Your speech actually made an impact on me, I see things differently now, and I’ve made some changes in my life, I’m taking control over it, I set some goals, I made daily and weekly goals, and it’s making me very happy and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. So , I want to thank you for inspiring me and motivating me to be the person I know I am.

And if you are considering doing a workshop again here, please do 🙂



Thanks for coming. Seminar was very usefull for me and as a fitness instructor I have heard a lot of new interesting staff which can improve my career and take it to the next level. I consider that you should organise more of those seminars because they are very motivating and didactical.
Thank you and I hope you will come again soon.



I spend great time on your education at Podgorica,learned much new things and you give to me so soo much positive energy.
I’m fitness trener for tree years and I’m so young at that job,but I like to learn and to be better every day and every moment.
I have one other job and I think people must find job that thay really love and thay can enjoy every moment in life.
Thank you for everything and I hope to listen you some more time. Thank you for everything it was great experience to me



I just wanted to thank you for coming and sharing some of your experience and knowledge with us.
I found it very useful for my growing and developing even though I am not a fitness instructor but a yoga teacher.
I would love to hear that there would be more of your seminars and educations in the future in Montenegro.



First of all i have to say thank you for the inspiration of speech you hade on the class. Utöver det så har de varit väldigt motiverande att höra olika röda trådar i olika sammahang av vikta aspekter. Denna class lärde inte bara ut PT utan väldigt starka budskap och leverans.
VIll Tack för denna utbildningen som gav mycket mer än utbildning erbjud.

Abdul Nur


Jag tycker första veckan har varit väldigt intensiv men otroligt lärorik! Jag har lärt mig så fruktansvärt mycket och även blivit väldigt inspirerad till att utvecklas till en bättre version av mig själv och även fortsätta att hjälpa andra människor till att utvecklas.

Jag tycker det har varit bra tider och väldigt lagom med med lärarledda timmar under dagarna eftersom man blir fort trött av att sitta, lyssna och lära sig så mycket på så kort tid. Upplägget har varit bra också!

Det har väl varit lite för intensivt på vissa saker. Jag tycker det har varit lite svårt att försöka sälja in sig som PT på 8 minuter och inte få så mycket möjlighet att öva på det och kunna göra om och göra rätt. Annars har man fått den faktan och kunskapen men ibland krävs det mer tid.

Annars tycker jag första veckan har varit väldigt bra! Jag har lärt mig så mycket och det är jag väldigt tacksam för!

Karita Lundqvist


Just wanted to start by thanking you and Anders for this inspiring week. A LOT to take in but so much fun! In my opinion Anders was a super teacher, But sometimes he talked a bit fast so I struggled to get my notes finished before he went to the next muscle/joint. And it was a little too hot inside. Other than that, I’m VERY pleased with both of you. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week?

Josefine Bjur


Jag tycker att första veckan varit jättebra. Du är inspirerande och motiverande och Anders som hade anatomin och fysiologin var väldigt duktig och pedagogisk. Tyvärr fick jag hjärnsläpp på salestestet, vilket är jättetråkigt, men annars en toppenvecka.

Väldigt mycket att lära sig och lite synd att allt ska fås in på två veckor. Det jag läste från början var att vecka 1 och 2 var PT och att vecka 3 var kosten, men så var det ju tyvärr inte.

Lotta Johansson


We started with learning about the role as a PT and how to carry yourself which is important since we are going to work with people
who needs to trust and listen to us. Afterwards we moved into the practical bits of how the body works is importtant in our daily work.

Some feedback. Both you and Anders have been very clear and easy to listen to and you both managed to get us to understand with ease. Thanks to this I think that you woukd have been able to compressed monday, tuesday and friday into two days, it would not have been any problems with longer days. This would have opened up
time for some more physiologi like the endocrine system. I think that ypu cover that in the nutrional part but its important to know how excercise effects the hormone system and vice versa.

In week two my hope is some more technic if we are going to use free weights. I also hope we cover some about how to programme for different goals: getting stronger/leaner/gain weight/loose weight/run Göteborgsvarvet etc.

Daniel Makropulos


I have had a great first week getting to know some great future PT’s with great potential.

I feel like you have a lot of useful experience you are teaching us. We can see that you have been working a long time and you shine confidence in what you are teaching. I would definitely buy some hours.

We /the students (when I talk to some of them) have already from the beginning all underestimated the amount of learning.
Also majority of us seem to have some other things to deal with than focus fully on the studies. (I personally have a water leakage at home and live currently at my mothers. )

The sales and marketing makes a lot of sense as all of it. It is a big part and not so much thought of especially how it works within training centre’s.

Personally I get really really stressed with the testing parts. I think we need a lot more time to be great pt and also perfect at sales/and find our own personal sales techniques than a few days.

Still I think it is a great course and this pressure makes us understand the importance of it.

Also within the group we don’t really want to pay more for failing and trayin again on the tests.

The anatomy part is very much to handle and seems though to learn at the beginning but after a few days it still seems that we really do remember and learn faster than we think. The repeating of the important parts at the end of the day is helping a lot. Also we learn how important it actually is to know. Especially with all kinds of enquirers that can accure.

Jenny Mrsic


Jag tyckte att vi fick bra information i detaljer.
Kursen var lärorik vilket är en fördel när man ska jobba som PT. Jag skulle rekommendera kursen till de som vill utbilda sig.

Wadih El Hajj Hussein


Jag är mycket nöjd med andra veckan. Har faktiskt ingenting att kritisera. Möjligtvis hade det varit lite lättare om teoriprovet låg någon fler dag framåt. Kanske på tisdagen efter söndag? Blev lite tight med tid att hinna lära sig allt innan söndag. Tusen tack för dessa två veckor!! Jag kommer definitivt rekommendera denna kurs till andra:D

Josefine Bjur


I was at your seminar in Podgorica and after all I would like to tell you that it was my pleasure that I was there.I heard a lot of usefull,great ideas about how to be real professional trainer and respected in your job.Thank you for sharing so many imstructions and ”secrets” with us.As a very ambitious person who also see myself on the top in fitness industry,being a trainer with all qualifications and qualities It would be my pleasure one day to learn more from you.



I’m full of positive impressions about the 2 weeks of education.You are a great coach,teacher(leader).I Increase my knowledge,heard a lot of new things and ways of how to grow up in this business.You showed us what a leader needs to have especially charisma.I feel your energy,passion for this job,it’s clear that you were enjoying every moment. You have also been there for any questions we had. Communication was on a high level.Thank u for your time, sharing knowledge with us and giving us the opportunity’s to be better.Hope to see u again.We are waiting for a new advanced education!

Aleksandar Maljaj


In the past seven days, I’ve learned a lot about training, life and PT. It was very interesting to follow your lectures in spite of the tiredness that came to us every day. The course is very well designed, but it would not have been that good if we did not have a teacher like you. I would like to thank you for the transferred knowledge that will surely help me in further work as PT. Your courage and the desire to learn us new things has been huge, so I will always be happy to visit your workshops. Best regards till the next visit. All the best!

Filip Rajkovic


Best compliments for your PT course. You gave me so much concrete and useful informations. Your performance, your verbal and practical teaching was excellent. I have learned a lot of new things and I am so happy for that. The course was awesome, unbelievable complexed and very well prepared. I didn’t doubt you have ao much high level of knowledge considering theoretical and practical part, but what makes a lot if difference between your school from others is you, especially your patience, calmness, seriousness and attention. You are a great teacher, motivator and leader and you kept us inspired the whole time!

Balsa Zajic


It was a great pleasure and honor to meet David, I am grateful for the opportunuty to learn so much from him. He selflessly shared his knowledge, both theoretical and practical. His great dedication motivated me even more. I received a lot of information that will help me in my future work. I would recommend this education to all my colleagues who would like to expand their knowledge and expertise and advance in their career

Biljana Balasaic


Dear David,we spent a great time with you.
You are great teacher in your work.My pleasure is because I meet you.I learned so many good things, you made it a great team.I hope that we will continue to be friends in the future.
You have all my recomendation.

Luka Stanisic


I want to say that, this experience was great, full of knowledge, energy, passion and friendship.
Your teaching was awesome, you taught me how to make changes. I always wanted to try to be a  PT, but I didn’t have heart to try to achieve that,  but with your knowledge, experience, innovations in the gym and  kindness with us without experience was excellent.
You have been full of patience and attention to correct our mistakes.
Thank you for this great journey, and I hope so we will see each other next year on the next school and courses.

Filip Mikic


David is a Good man. He’s a better coach. I definitely feel for you. as if I have laid it down.  Thanks for the support! Thanks for every second, minute, hour, day! For knowledge transferred! It was a great opportunity to meet you! See you next year in new challenges! NEVER GIVE UP!

Svetlana Sladic


Fantastic week…Full of positive impressions…I was impressed with the amount knowledge you managed to transfer tu us…Yor energy is inexhaustible end fascinating how much you kept our attention these days..You have an incredible gift to transfer knowledge to the smallest detail..I have no words how amazing you are as a teacher..I think that we all from the group are very grateful for that. You showed that you were a wonderful person giving people a second chans to be better..thank you for that….Thank you for opening new ways and opportunities for young people..I wish you and your family all the best from my heart.



Hey David.. hope that you arrived home safe.. just to say that everything was on point and everybody is really satisfied with the results of ds personal training school program. You are a good person and now we all look at you as our mentor you know. So thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Milan Bozovic


I already miss our classes. For me it’s was the best experience that I had in my life. You were amazing, you teaching skills are on the highest level. You nonverbal communication is so good, you are at the same time PT and the teacher. I have learnt  so much from you. Thank you for that. Also I think that your school is the best one in our country. That was the reason that I choose DS school and you confirm that.

Kovacevic Sara


Dear David Let me once again say that I already have a great opportunity to meet you, I will never forget your face, smile, will and energy… that you had every day for an hour and a minute. Classes and learning were high, because you were in control of it. I thank you to the sky to transfer your knowledge to me, and that I will use it in my life to build myself and help people around me. Once more thank you, and all the best!

Azra Sukurica


I am very honored to be part of the DS School and I am positively surprised by your knowledge, experience and charisma.

You do your job professionally and I will recommend you to everyone I know as a real professional who do his job perfectly. It was such a pleasure listening you while lecturing. Regarding the Programme, I have to say that I am really impressed. I particularly liked the workshop for fat burning and losing weight which I attended.

Looking forward to see you in April, because I will be on second workshop and Nutrition workshop.

Igor Vlahovic


The course was the best as I sent you on sms.Thanks again man for everything!Sad that it’s the end of course but happy becouse you encouraged me to give 100% and never give up.That’s the mindset of real champion!

Jovica Perkovic


Hello.I would like to thank you for 7 incredible days. We learnt so much. You are a great teacher. More than great. You have incredible knowledge and in the right way you transfer it to the students. We enjoyed listening and watching you. After all the years of your work you still have a big passion. I’m glad that I chose this course and that I met you. I would recommend this course. I had a great honor that we ”cooperated.” I send you a big greeting from my heart and I want you all the best.of course, I’ll see you in April… to teach us something else useful.Stay the best

Adrijana Zindovic


Dear David,
I will try to sum this up, you are inspiring, great advisor and everything that makes a true leader. This past week was amazing, i learned a lot from you, and i will never stop learning. Course was great, we learned a lot, we got to see what it takes to be a PT, and on top of that we had amazing time together.
I hope we will meet again. I sincerily wish you all the best because you deserve it.

Mitar Kilibarda


My name is Marko Vukcevic and I’m from Podgorica, working as a personal trainer.

I want to improve my knowledge, and hear about DS school, but i can never emegine that will be life time experience. It was beyond my expectations, and the level of knowledge that we get is so big and powerful, and it will defenetly bring my business to a next level.

The professor David was brilliant, true leader who showed respect to all of us and became great friend. His skills as educator are incredible, both in practial and theortical part.
I have never thought that marketing and leadership skills are ao important for this job, but after this course i relased that is one of most important things. I learned what it mean to be ”21st Century” Personal trainer, it’s not only about training sessions in the gym, it’s about leadership, motivation, inspiration, it’s becoming somebody that people will follow.

It was so many details in exercises, angles, time under tension, range of motion, and every other aspects that will be very useful for my work with regular clinets and also athletes.

I completed Faculty for sport and physical education, but this course will give me much more for me as a coach.

I will recommend to everybody who wants to improve their knowledge and get worldwide recognized licence to take this course.

Marko Vukcevic


It was a great pleasure for me to attend your PT course, above all because they are very high educational, and I think I have learned a lot, how to approach clients, how to properly train and make training programs. I think that my level of confidence after your classes is at a much higher level. At the same time, I achieved some new friendships , and with joy I listened every minute of the lectures, as well as every movement in the practical part. I am very pleased with the course, and you as an educator and I recommend you to everyone who wants to become PT , and I would influence their decision, because they will certainly be satisfied. You are a great lecturer, because you have great aproach to people, warmly, with a smile, and with a great will I have learned every step of course during these days. This way, I thank you for your excellent education and friendship.

It’s great to meet you, because you’re really wonderful. I believe that we will see you in April at an advanced level, because we always need to upgrade our knowledge

Maja Tadic


I would like to thank David for the given knowledge and experience. For the past week, it was very intense, a lot of information ,a lot of theory, but it was also exciting because it was good energy within the group. I have learned many new things that will help me and help my business to grow. David is a good speaker , he can keep our focus on what he was saying, at the right moments he makes jokes and make people listen to him more carefully. Considering everything he is an excellent teacher, I hope that in the future there will be more workshops. I was honoured to be a student of 21st century personal training course.

Andjelija Savic


I have only words of praise for David. So simple and yet professional. He gave us lot of useful tips, as well as a lot of quality information about what our mission is and how it should be in the direction of a great personal trainer, a true leader. David is a great inspirer and motivator. First of all, he has a very good attitude and approach that is accompanied by his brilliant life experience. One of the people who definitely changed my points of view on trainings and the people I will meet in my further work. He has my sincere thankgivness for a great experience and a great life lesson!

Ilija Ivanovic


Jag gick min pt kurs hos David Samuyiwa. Innan jag valde hade jag kollat på många andra kurser och jag har några har några vänner/bekanta som valde andra kurser men efter att en bekant till mig tipsat om David Samuyiwa så bestämde jag mig för att välja deras kurs. Jag ångrar det inte en sekund, dom som höll i utbildningen är experter inom området, i början kändes det ganska svårt men jag fick all hjälp jag behövde. Jag hade inte kunnat vara mer nöjd med utbildningen, dessutom har det varit väldigt lätt för mig att få jobb efteråt, och det känns kul att veta att jag är internationell pt, vilket betyder att jag kan jobba vart som helst i hela världen med denna utbildning. Alla människor jag träffade under denna tid har jag fortfarande kontakt med och lärarna ringer jag lite då och då när jag kör fast eller behöver motivation, råd och tips. En annan vän till mig valde en annan PT kurs och hon var inte alls lika nöjd, så jag är verkligen glad att jag valde att utbilda mig hos David Samuyiwa och rekommenderar alla som funderar på att gå en PT kurs, välj David Samuyiwa!



Wow!!! I feel great to have done the course with David Samuyiwa. Not only was it good but one of the greatest, the teacher made sure that I understand everything they were teaching since it was in Swedish, they gave their time to translate it for me so that I can understand everything. I am proud to call myself international PT and glad I can work around the world. I would refer anybody out there to train with David Samuyiwa for it is the best school to advance your knowledge. That goes to all the teachers who put in their a hundred percent time to work with the students. Great place to be!

Kennedy Herbert W


Mycket nöjd!
Skolan har gett mig de verktyg jag behöver för att nu arbeta som personlig tränare och kostrådgivare. Mycket kunskap hade man innan, men skolan går utanför gränserna och talar dessutom mycket om mod – att våga satsa och lägger konkret fram innebörderna med PT-yrket. Jag är GRYMT nöjd med Pt-delen både dess praktiska och teoretiska delar, men hade önskat lite mer djupgående info i kostrådgivarutbildningen – men det finns det ju fortbildningar för!

Diana Willman G


Grym intensiv utbildning!
En fantastisk utbildning som fick med alla viktiga delar. Inspirerande och kunniga lärare!



Över förväntan!
Trevliga, pedagogiska och kunniga lärare. Enkelt att anmäla sig och man får stöd och tips innan, under, och efter kursen. Rekommenderar de starkt!



Veckan har varit bra, vi har lärt oss träna på ett helt annat sätt. Underbart gäng, man kommer bra överens och man får lära sig att samarbeta och förstå individen/ klienten. David är en utmärkt lärare, mycket lärorik. Han lär ut på ett mycket professionellt sätt.



Jag gick den här PT-utbildningen för att bredda mina kunskaper ytterligare och både kunna jobba som sjukgymnast och personlig tränare. Jag tycker att jag fått med mig många nya spännande infallsvinklar och sätt att se på olika saker. Kompetenta föreläsare, varit intressanta dagar…
Sammantaget en rolig och lärorik utbildning.

Helena Forsén


En grym utbildning där man verkligen får tillbaka i kunskap beroende hur hårt man arbetar som deltagare. Väldigt bra utveckling. Lärarna lyckades hålla kursen i högt tempo men ändå förklarade genomgående så man verkligen förstod allt.

Thony Wiberg


Hade en väldigt positiv upplevelse under min tid med David Samuyiwa! Vi var en liten grupp och det hjälpte oerhört mycket då det blev väldigt lätt att lära sig, lärarna var alla väldigt kunniga! Kursmaterialet kunde ha varit bättre men i och med att vi hade bra lärare gjorde det inte så mycket! Överlag en väldigt bra utbildning där jag lärde mig otroligt mycket! Känner även att jag kan vända mig till er vid frågor eller problem efter utbildningens slut!



Jag konstaterar: David Samuyiwa vill mig mitt bästa.
Mycket lovande utbildning, trademark ser o hör ALLT i mina ögon o vill göra sitt yttersta för att ALLA klarar utbildning, samt mycket lyhörd o gör sitt yttersta för att du ska få bästa kunskap till framgång. Sköt om er Trademark o ha det bäst. Tack David Samuyiwa

Maria P


Intensiv utbildning som ger tydliga instruktioner på hur och vad man tränar. Lärarna hade bra svar på alla våra frågor även om det kunde gå utanför ämnet. Inget svårt att starta diskussioner vilket jag tycker är bra.



Bästa PT-skolan
Internationellt lärarteam med mycket kunskap och erfarenhet. Lärarna var hjälpsamma under hela utbildningen. Jätte bra kurslitteratur. Jag vill gärna rekommendera David Samuyiwa för alla som vill ha mycket kunskap på en hög nivå.
Så väljer man David Samuyiwa som en mentor och lärare så får man den bästa kvalitén!



Bra och snabb kurs där innehållet var tydligt och fokus låg på att alla skulle klara provet, bra för vissa men drog ner andra. Kanonhjälp med materialet då jag var sen med anmälan, personalen gjorde ett utmärkt jobb.
Rekommenderar kursen varmt!



Hade några jättebra veckor med ett gäng väldigt duktiga och kunniga lärare. Kursen var väldigt intensiv, men alla lärarna var måna om att alla deltagarna hängde med, så det fungerade bra ändå.



Professionellt och prisvärt!
Bemötande från bokning till kursstart var väldigt proffsigt, fick hjälp med allt samt möjlighet att kontakta lärare för hjälp med förstudier innan kursstart. Kursen var väldigt intensiv och lärorik, skulle rekommendera starkt!

Jonas B


Jag vill tacka er för 3 intensiva, men väldigt roliga veckor!
Väldigt imponerad av eran kunskap samt eran pedagogiska förmåga att lära ut! It’s been a pleasure! Utbildningen har varit av hög kvalitet, och väldigt lärorikt. Kommer utan tvekan rekommendera er till andra.

Robin Brolin


David Samuyiwa är en bra lärare,  man får lära sig extremt mycket på väldigt kort tid. Det är också kul att utmana sig själv både fysiskt och psykiskt. skola var bra, med grymt mycket kunskap.

Lisa Hellberg


I got to know David during 1 week and I can say that David has wonderful rapport with people of all ages and different background. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics are both truly superior. He had excellent verbal communication skills and is extremely organized. I’m very glad that I had the chance to have him as a teacher. If someone would ask me to define David in 3 words those 3 words would be “Simply The Best”.

Vasilie Gavrila


Väldigt duktiga lärare genom hela kursen. Började hela utbildningen med positiv attityd. Jag uppskattade verkligen denna utbildningen. Jag har fått mycket lärorik kunskap.

Filip Axelsson


I feel that I made a really good decision when I started your course. I love the program and I realized that I only scratched the surface and have a lot more to learn which I’m looking forward to. Attending this course is one step closer to my goal of doing what I love, and becoming one of the leading personal trainers. I think you are a really good teacher and would love to meet again in the future.

Petar Drobnjak


Firstly I’m glad u came to Montenegro to learn and teach us the high level of PT , I had chance before to get a personal trainer education but I didn’t like none of them so far cuz it wasn’t that high standard as what I wanted.
The classes what u give to us was amazing , from practice to the theory everything was on high standard.
I’m glad that I had chance to get trained by u , it was smth really grt for me, I felt so good and comfortable during classes , it was challenging for me and so hard work even if I work out for yrs the technique u showed to us was completely new and the best for building muscles and strength in the right way.
Thank u so much that u came here to give us a chance to get trained from the best

Nordin Nikaj


David Samuyiwa is great trainer, motivator and above all, a great person. He tries to transfer his many years of experience and knowledge in the best possible way. The commitment to each candidate and patience are also the qualities that David possesses that makes him a good trainer. He gives us various suggestions and tasks that motivate us to be better day by day and always give the best of ourselves. I personally learned a lot from this course and hope that one day I’ll be as good trainer as David.



As I start to write my impresions about all these days the first thing that comes to my mind is how powerful your words sound. That’s something that I liked from the first workshop that I took part of. Despite the perfection during the course and all the details we learned from you and the fact that u are an expert in this field, the most thing that I like and that made me come few times to your ’classes’ is the energy, dedication, selfconfidence and the power of body language that you present us during the whole time. Everyday was the same good and strong energy, it’s that powerful that makes us question ourselfs ’is he a robot or what’, haha.
I feel that I’ll get better at this as every information comes to place. We are learning from the best!

Linda Dushaj


First of all I would like to say that this course is great, I feel already that I upgraded a lot as a trainer, it is very interesting (I literally memorised every thing you said) and also physically & mentally it is very demanding. It would of course be awesome if it would last 2 weeks instead of 1 but the good thing about that is that it pushes you out of your confort zone (which suites me great because I am a lazy person).
You as a teacher/trainer/person had a great impact on me and inspired me to become more disciplined, to train more, get more focus on my positivity, self awareness, to be cool under pressure and overally to become a better trainer.



First of all I want to thank you on your time and patience. I am very glad becase i was part of this school. Like I expected, i improved my knowledge of been a personal trainer a lot. Lectures were precise, summarized with actual esential things to which we shoud pay attention. That was great!!

Practical part for me was too hard for one day to do 4-5 training at such level. Maybe if you separated them for several days or that school lasts for at least a day longer.
With all the other thinks i am extremely pleased.



Good evening i would like to say my opinion about this school. It’s a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot in short time. I’m satisfied as with organisation and with You. As I already said I learned a lot but I’m also aware that I’m sure that we are going to meet when you visit Montenegro next time. First of all I’m delighted with You as a person and all your professional qualities, that are to many to mention. I like to talk a lot so it wasn’t possible to be shorter. It was pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to your future projects.

Andjela Vujacic


When I presented my homework, which was to explain the eccentric and concentric method of training, you give me a clap and said, ”I think you explained this better than I did yesterday.”

Thank you, but I do not agree with you! You did it in a much better way, showed us in an example, where we ourselves saw how effective this method is.
And that’s what I liked the most in the 21st century personal school, a combination of theory and practice and teaching us to understand what is the real role of a personal trainer in the 21st century, and what the client actually wants and for what is he willing to pay for.

Thank you very much, you were great! I learned so much, and we only had 6 days. I hope that we will have the opportunity to cooperate again in the future.

Denis Cekic